This is a private online Subscription Group held on Facebook and is a convenient way to journey towards self-discovery… helping to shift your energy and perspective, break free from old habits and beliefs, learn new self development methods and become more whole, happy and content.  You will also have the convenience of tuning in at a time that suits you and your lifestyle.

Each month will include:

  • A Weekly Moonday Report to help you understand and accept current cosmic weather and your ‘now’ moments
  • Monthly Themes with challenges and exercises
  • Live Guided Meditations
  • Other topics such as working with moon cycles, manifestation rituals, angels, crystals, astrological birth charts etc.
  • Unlimited access to Emma for questions

The Subscription Group runs for 10 months of the year (no September and December) but the group remains open and active.  You are not tied into the subscription group and can opt out at any time you wish, although monies paid are non-refundable. Cost £15.00 per month.