This is a private online Subscription Group held on Facebook and is a convenient way to learn how to love, honour and heal your physical body helping you to feel more embodied and confident in your own skin.  Emma has created the Mastering Your Body Class using all her knowledge, experience and expertise as an Exercise Specialist and body worker.  Over time you will discover that tension, stress and trauma held within your body melts away, tightness and restrictions release, muscles lengthen, pain eases and posture improves.  You will also have the convenience of tuning in at a time that suits you and your lifestyle.

Each month will include: 4 x 1 Hour Mastering Your Body Classes

The Body Subscription Group runs for 10 months of the year (no September and December) but the group remains open and active.  You are not tied into the subscription group and can opt out at any time you wish, although monies paid are non-refundable.  Equipment needed for the group is not included and you will need to purchase your own, you will need; a yoga mat, a foam roller, a Pilates ball, hand weights or a tin of beans, resistance band, stimulation/rehabilitation balls.  Further details will be given after purchase.  Cost £20.00 per month.