Hi, Emma here.  Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

So let's tell you a little bit about me, I guess you could say that I've been on a quest of self-discovery... for as long as I can remember actually, and have uncovered that my purpose is to inspire, empower and teach others how to transform their mind, body and energy.  I make the unseen, seen, make what is hidden, visible and demystify the mysterious and I would be honoured if you would allow me to walk with you on your very own journey back home to self.  Ultimately, I have remembered that everything is energy and everything is connected, now my passion is assisting others to remember this long-forgotten truth too.


I started out learning about the physical body due to my love of sport and exercise and became an exercise instructor, personal trainer and exercise specialist to those with medical conditions. I also had to transform my own physical body many times due to injuries sustained from my adventurous and adrenaline-fuelled lifestyle playing netball, skiing, kitesurfing, biking (I could go on lol). But then my attention turned from the body to the mind due to experiencing anxiety and panic attacks in my 20’s so began practicing self-taught meditation to calm and control my thoughts.  This soon led me to Reiki (a Japanese healing method) and after ten years of self-practice I was called to begin healing others, discovering the intricate layers of the subtle energy bodies that are not perceivable to the physical eye. Although I continued with my healing practices privately where I began working with other energies such as crystals, angels and planetary bodies, I spent the next fifteen years focused on my career teaching health, fitness and sport at a university.  However, in 2016 I experienced a serious episode of mental illness triggered by repressed grief and my growing psychic abilities but with the help from my spirit guides and my own knowledge and expertise of balancing mind, body and energy, I transformed myself back to health.  As a result 'Mastering Me' was born.  I realised that my life's journey of mastering myself, was really so I could assist others to master themselves!  As above, so below. As within, so without.  All are connected.

Through the 'Mastering Me Services' that I offer I will teach you how to honour your mind, body and energy where you come to know yourself more deeply, creating a healthier, happier and more whole you.  I will help you break free... inspiring and empowering you to reclaim your own power, awakening your passions and discovering your purpose.

Sparkly love and hugs Emma xxx