There are 3 types of treatments available:

Mastering Me Personal Energy Therapy Treatment

This is a one-to-one treatment that takes place in person with Emma. Emma uses a variety of healing modalities such as Reiki, Crystals, Arch Angel Metatron and Angelic Energy, Planetary Energies, Thought Field Therapy, psychic surgery and psychic acupressure, plus other releasing techniques. Emma works on every level of your being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, but every treatment is different. Each treatment is specific for you and Emma will use what is most needed at that time. Some treatments are focused on more physical healing, while another time may focus more on emotional and mental levels. Emma’s treatments can also focus on extremely deep levels of healing such as exploring childhood memories and trauma, past lives, and conducting soul retrieval. Equally the treatments may also work on the higher vibrational levels of your being, your crystalline matrix and etheric layers including activations. In person, one-to-one treatments are by request only.

Mastering Me Distance Energy Therapy Treatment

This is a 30 minute treatment that is conducted remotely, (this means Emma is not physically present with you) at a convenient time for both you and Emma. All you need do is lay or sit relaxed, and be open to receive the healing. Emma will tune into your energy and conduct the treatment then send you a brief written summary of her findings. Cost £40.00.

Mastering Me Energy Adjustment

Exclusive to those who book a Mastering Me Reading Only. The Mastering Me energy adjustment involves a remote balancing and /or shifting of any stagnate energy that is found during either of the Mastering Me Readings. Cost £20.00

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