Sandra Davies – Semi-retired and qualified Reflexologist and Crystal Practitioner, Rhoose

‘I have been practicing meditation on my own for a few years, didn’t know if I was doing it correctly. When I heard that Emma was starting a course I placed my name down.  Emma is an amazing tutor and guides you every step of the way.  I didn’t realise there were so many meditation techniques! One example she has taught me has been tremendous in helping me focus my energy through the body. I would definitely recommend this class as it helped bring peacefulness to my busy mind.’


Kerrie O’Carroll – Arts & Crafts Tutor, Westra

‘I was a little apprehensive about joining Trigger Point Pilates as I was recovering from two major back operations and still suffering from Sciatica.   I could feel the immediate relief after the first class and then found a significant improvement in my walking, posture and general mobility after the 6 weeks.  Emma is an excellent teacher and was extremely welcoming and calm.  She seemed to be able to treat every person individually accounting for their needs, even though we were in a group class.  I would definitely recommend Trigger Point Pilates and Emma to anyone.


Ceryl Bateman – Finance Manager, Cardiff

‘Angel Emma (as I refer to her) is exactly that… an Angel!
I first contacted Emma to help me come to terms with grief from losing both my parents within 2 years!  Since having treatments with Emma I have more than come to terms with my grief…. I’ve been able to come to terms with life and how to truly ‘live’ it!  Emma has opened my eyes to so many new things… such as reiki, healing with crystals, of which I now have many that I have been drawn to and love! My favourite times, however, are when Emma heals with Angels who, Emma informs me, are ALWAYS present in abundance when I enter the treatment room, which by the way is always so relaxing and my ‘safe’ place to be!  I am always so amazed when Emma tells me the names of the angels that are present and the reasons as to why they are there to help Emma with my treatment.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know I am actually being healed by Angels through Emma’s hands!  I am so lucky to have found ‘Angel Emma’ as she has certainly helped me to Master Me!’


Sharon Thomas – Senior Physiotherapist Technician, Pontypridd

‘I have had a number of one to one sessions with Emma and I am always blown away by the experience.  I found Emma during a time in my life when I needed healing and guidance on a physical, emotional and energy level.  Her sessions are gentle and uplifting, yet very powerful and insightful.  I’m often left speechless with the information that comes up and am amazed at how she knows, what she knows.  She also provides a report following each session that allows you to reflect on the treatment and follow any recommendations made. Thank you Emma for all your help.’


Glenda Bouchere – Angelic Reiki Master and Part-Time Receptionist/Secretary at a Physiotherapy Clinic, Devon

‘Highly recommended.  This has to be one of the best readings I have ever had.  Emma honestly has a fabulous gift and there was just so much information in the reports. I was thrilled and I never expected anything like this.  It is different from the usual readings given and full of accurate relevant information and advice.  Emma offers different types of readings – I had the Personal Planetary Energy Signature AND the Auric and Chakra Health Reading.  Both were amazing and I loved the messages from the angels and birth chart element.  Emma is amazing. Not saying it to flatter – she really is very talented.’


Lynne Jones – Education Sector, Barry

‘I had no idea what to expect from a Personal Planetary Signature Reading and no idea how planets and the moon could influence life and was amazed at how much of my life I recognised from Emma’s clear and detailed explanation!  It gave the way I was feeling clarity, and the fact this was clearly illustrated by the planets helped me accept the feelings instead of resisting them as I had been.  Emma’s insight has definitely helped me understand myself and has given me direction to help me reach my goals.  The way Emma works with oracle cards and tuning into my energy, alongside the birth chart really made this personal to me, it added depth to the reading and showed continuity, reinforcing the messages that were important for me right now.  Not only did she very patiently and expertly explain the planets and their qualities to me (I knew nothing) but I also got a report to re-read through and reflect on.  This was great as there was so much information but now I know I haven’t missed any! I would defiantly recommend this experience!’