Emma currently runs the following classes at her hometown in Barry, South Wales.

Power Chi Yoga

A fusion of Tai Chi and Yoga into a flowing sequence that forms a gentle and relaxing exercise class.


An exercise system to improve strength, posture, and flexibility focusing on core stability.


A class aimed to calm the mind and relax the body helping you find your inner peace. Please note you do NOT need to be able to sit in Padmasana (crossed legged position) to attend this class.

Trigger Point Pilates

Releases, lengthens and strengthens the muscular and myofascial system of the body. This is a more specialist class that uses foam rollers, stimulation balls etc and is especially effective for those with muscular tightness, mobility issues or recovering from injury or surgery.  Trigger Point Pilates is usually available as an 8-week block booking.

One to One Pilates/Rehabilitation Programme

You will have an initial 30minute consultation with Emma, where you will complete a health questionnaire and have a detailed postural analysis conducted.  Emma will then devise a 12-week Pilates Programme specific to your needs, after which you will have a 1 hour private session with Emma to run through the programme ensuring correct technique and understanding.  This is followed by another 1 hour session at week 6, to assess your progress and have your programme amended as required.

30 Minute Initial Consultation / Postural Analysis Report / 12 Week Written Pilates Programme / 2 x 1 hour private sessions

Cost is £100

Have any questions about Emma’s classes or Private tuition? Please do not hesitate to contact her HERE